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Request a Fire Engine

Engine Requests:

  • Select this option to request an Engine Company (consisting of 3 uniformed firefighters) to visit your site (such as a school, community center, after school program, community events, etc.).
  • Children shall be a minimum of 5 years old due to safety concerns (exceptions to this requirement only apply to community events).
  • Groups will have a desired learning goal for the visit and are to express this goal when scheduling an engine visit.
  • Participants must be residents of Belmont, Foster City, or San Mateo, or belong to an organization based within these cities.

General Guidelines:

  • The Fire Engine will be in service. Time has been scheduled for your visit; however, the crew may be called to respond to an emergency.
  • Engine visits are usually 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Engine visits are for educational purposes only.
  • We are unable to accommodate any requests for birthday parties or other non-educational events.
  • It is our preference to have 30-45 days notice to be able to comply with your request.