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Employee Recognition

Hugh F. Morris Special Merit

Hugh F. Morris became the 1st full-time paid Fire Chief of the fire department on January 1, 1925. Chief Morris fought for more staff, training, equipment, and fire stations. He targeted improvements in training, fire prevention, and an alarm-receiving system. This medal is awarded to an employee for performing meritorious work in one of the following: (1) community service work; (2) outside volunteer services; or (3) day-to-day excellence. It may be awarded in conjunction with the Fire Chief’s Commendation, which is granted by the Fire Action Consensus Team (FACT). Recipients of the award are listed below in red.

Cadet of the Year

Each year, a cadet is nominated for going above and beyond in our organization. In addition to completing their required training and mandatory hour requirements, they demonstrate exemplary dedication by volunteering countless hours to the department and by displaying a high level of overall professionalism, enthusiasm, and compassion. Recipients of the award are listed below in blue.

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Hugh F. Morris Special MeritCadet of the Year
2022Eric Mackintosh (Day-to-Day Excellence)Mike Jantz
2021N/ASouvanna Sophabmixay
2020Saul San Filippo (Day-to-Day Excellence)
Nicole Morales (Day-to-Day Excellence)
2019N/AAdan Pena
2018Mark Volkman (Day-to-Day Excellence)John Bruni
2017Lance Lutticken (Day-to-Day Excellence)Marco Calderon
2016Robert G. Cook (Community Service)James DiVincenzi
2015Andrew J. Martinez (Community Service)
Paul Henretty (Day-to-Day Excellence)
Colin Taylor
2014Josh G. McGurk (Community Service)
Kirk Steers (Day-to-Day Excellence)
Eduardo Maya
1993Jeffrey M. Barile (Community Service)
Joseph R. Latham (Bravery)
1992Joseph T. Novelli (Community Service)N/A
1991Sean P. Bonetti (Bravery)
Michael W. Keefe (Community Service)
1990John S. Warren (Community Service)
William E. Calkins (Bravery)