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Training Division

Our Training Division is responsible for delivering both annual Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training and state and federally required fire suppression/ rescue training.  Additionally, we provide all probationary training and testing, career development, promotional testing, implementation, and maintenance of safety programs, supporting individual company level training, driver training, and any other training that maintains our mission to keep our personnel and community safe.  The Training Division is located at our Foster City Training Complex within the Foster City Corporation Yard. The Training Division also provides support to the San Mateo County Fire Academy.  Academy training includes:

  • Live Fire Training
  • Water Rescue
  • Auto Extrication
  • Wildland Fire Training
  • Emergency Medical Services Training
  • Hazardous Material Incident Awareness
  • Ventilation Skills
  • Fire Hose Management
  • Ladders
  • Forcible Entry

…and many other basic Firefighter skills

Interested in learning more about our Fire Academy?  View some of our Academys’ graduation videos:

Our Training Division is staffed by

  • 1 Battalion Chief
  • 2 Fire Captains
  • 1 EMS Manager
  • 1 Administrative Assistant