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Class Five: Fire Safety & Utilities and CERT Communications/Radio Use

Utility Pole

In this unit (CERT Unit 6) you will learn about: 

  • Natural gas, water and electrical controls: why, when and how to shut them off 
  • Types of fire and use of extinguishers to put the fire out 
  • Hazardous materials at home or work and on the road 

Covers fire chemistry, fire hazards, fire suppression strategies, and how to safely use a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire. Also learn how to size up a situation and control utilities in case of an emergency. 

In the Bonus Unit (CERT Communications) you will learn about:

  • Using Radios
  • Preparing your Message
  • CERT Activation

Participant Guide – Unit 6

Bonus Unit Page: Communications

Guia del Participante – Unidad 6