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What We Do


Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

Wild fires have always been a concern in wildland urban interface areas. The Bureau of Fire Protection and Life Safety is responsible for insuring the maintenance of vegetation and defensible space within these areas. We currently conduct spot inspections and enforcement in the wildland urban interface areas and oversee vegetation management programs at the beginning of every fire season.

Wildland Risk Assessment

Click on the link below and enter your address to find your wildfire risk zone.

Code Complaints

The Bureau of Fire Protection and Life Safety investigates complaints in multi-family residential buildings (four or more units) for violations of fire code, building code, and property maintenance code. Violations may include unsafe buildings, vehicle, trash, weeds, debris storage or substandard living conditions.

Fire Investigations

Our primary role as Fire Investigators is to determine origin and cause for all types of fires (kitchen, garage, barbeque, vegetation and arson fires). We are certified by the California State Fire Marshal as Investigators. We work closely with the Building Departments, PG&E, American Red Cross and a myriad of other agencies. After the fire we write a comprehensive Fire Investigation Report and potentially testify in court.


The Bureau of Fire Protection and Life Safety performs a myriad of different types of inspections. This includes but is not limited to; state mandated inspections, construction inspections, commercial business inspections (CIP), multi-residential exterior inspections (MRIP), new business inspections, ERRC and building fire inspections.

Plan Review & Code Consultation

Before any construction takes place, plans are submitted for review. Our Bureau completes Fire Life Safety Plan Reviews, which include but are not limited to; automatic fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems, hood and duct systems, ERRC and building plan reviews. We work closely with our building departments to ensure optimum public safety and satisfaction.