Tour groups:

  • Groups shall consist of no more than 35 people, including necessary chaperones (1 adult for 3 children under the age of 10).

  • Children shall be a minimum of 5 years old due to safety concerns.

  • Groups will have a desired learning goal for the tour and are to express this goal when scheduling a tour.

  • Participants must be residents of Belmont, Foster City, or San Mateo, or belong to an organization based within these cities.

General guidelines:

  • The Fire Station is a work place. Time has been scheduled for your visit; however, the crew may be called to respond to an emergency.

  • Tours are usually 30 – 45 minutes.

  • There are no facilities available for you to serve food.

  • Tours are for educational purposes only.

  • We are unable to accommodate any requests for birthday parties or other non-educational events.

Expected number in group:*

Expected number of adults:*

Expected number of children (age 5 and up ONLY):*

Average age of children in group:*

Preferred Fire Station:*

Date / time option #1:*


Date / time option #2:*


Date / time option #3:*