The primary responsibilities of the Bureau of Fire Protection and Life Safety is to enforce all applicable state and local fire codes and standards, as well as conduct fire investigations.  Our full-time fire inspectors, certified by the California State Fire Marshal, are cross-trained in both fire inspections and investigations.


Our priority as a bureau is to provide and maintain high quality customer service, provide consistent interpretation and effective enforcement of fire codes, and sustain effective communication within our community.

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Robert Marshall

Fire Marshal

1900 O'Farrell Street, Suite 375
San Mateo, CA 94403

(650) 522-7941


To Submit Fire Plans Electronically:

Submit plans through the plansubmit@smcfire.org email, in the Subject line they will include the following information:

  • Physical address of project

  • Permit number

  • City

  • Contact information

Plans and Acknowledgement of Shelter In Place Order Form will be attached to the email as a PDF.


Effective May 13, 2019, there will be a change in the way construction requests are handled. When you call for an inspection, we will no longer give a specific time that an inspector will be at your site. Instead, we will give you a morning or afternoon window. The inspector will then arrive  in the AM or PM slot as requested.  Morning windows will be between 8:30 and 11:30am, and afternoon windows will be between 12:30 and 3:30pm.


We Keep Communities Strong

We Keep Families Safe

We Protect Life and Property

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Foster City, CA 94404

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