In this unit you will learn about: 

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Community Preparedness: How everyone in a community has a role in disaster preparedness and response. 

  • Elements of Disasters and Their Impact on the Infrastructure: The potential effect of extreme emergencies and disasters on transportation; electrical service; telephone communication; availability of food, water, shelter and fuel; and emergency services. 

  • Personal and Organizational Preparedness: How you can prepare in advance to improve the quality of your survival and to reduce the damage from hazards. 

  • Role of CERTs: CERT organization, disaster and non-disaster roles, and laws that protect disaster workers from liability. 


Intro to CERT


Introducción a CERT (Spanish)


Participant Guide - Unit 1

Guía del Participante (Spanish) - Unidad 1






Essential Documents -

These documents should be reviewed, signed (or acted on) by each participant, and emailed to by

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